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Asset Protection for Your Home

June 6, 2024      by: tlaw

It is often shocking to discover how vulnerable your most valuable asset is to being lost. Yet, a few simple, inexpensive asset protection steps can protect your home.

Cybercrime: 2024, how are you vulnerable?

May 18, 2024      by: tlaw

Cybercrimes are projected to increase by 15% annually and rise to an annual cost of $10.5 trillion in 2025.

Protecting Your Assets: What Are the 5 Components of Estate Planning?

February 9, 2024      by: tlaw

Securing your legacy and protecting loved ones begins with strategic estate planning. In Illinois, just as in many states, specific laws and regulations govern the distribution of the estate of the deceased. Whether you have a complex portfolio or a simpler set of assets, understanding these legal nuances is essential to ensure your assets are … Continue reading Protecting Your Assets: What Are the 5 Components of Estate Planning?

Staying Secure from Cybercrime in 2023

December 20, 2022      by: tlaw

Cybercrime activity targeting computers, computer networks, or a networked device inflicted over $6 billion in damage in 2022.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Do You Have Umbrella Insurance?

August 6, 2021      by: tlaw

A standard umbrella policy covers all vehicles on your policy and your home for injuries caused to guests or visitors on your property. An umbrella policy can also cover libel or slander claims (posting a bad review or social media comment,) malicious prosecution, and overseas travels. The policy limits begin at $1,000,000,00 and average only $230 per year.