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Fantastic firm for living trust documents and small business. As owners of Blarney Stone Pub, they have quickly and seamlessly guided us throughout the years. My parents have been clients for a long time, and upon my father’s passing, they made sure all legal documents were in order. Great staff & even have free parking. I will definitely continue to be a client. Thanks so much!!” –Kim Keane

Business Owners

The majority of American small business operations are poorly organized and improperly maintained. Unfortunately, this puts the hardest working among us at risk of losing our personal and professional security.

The solution is often inexpensive and relatively simple to implement. Moreover, without the proper structure, the work of a business may open the owner to personal liability and place his family’s financial security at risk.

Tuohy Law Offices has represented small business owners for over three decades. We analyze your business and determine the most appropriate structure for maximum liability protection. Furthermore, we provide ongoing support and complimentary updates on the laws that affect your business and your family.

A simple “S” Corporation may be appropriate, depending on your circumstances. However, a Limited Liability Company (LLC) may be best for you if your business investments are varied or have several partners. For example, If you invest in real estate, it is essential to consider an LLC. Illinois is one of the few states to permit “series” in LLCs. This allows for different members, liabilities, and assets in each series and permits segregation of liabilities in separate series. Consequently, a series LLC is beneficial for investing in real estate and managing additional investors in different series.

Record Keeping

It is essential to maintain your corporate records properly. Unfortunately, many business owners never keep these essential records current. Failure to do so could “pierce the corporate veil,” exposing you and your family to personal liability for the debts of your business.

If you are a small business owner, contact us today to determine if your professional and personal interests are protected.

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