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For over 40 years, Tuohy Law Offices has helped thousands of Illinois citizens and given them the resources to protect, preserve, and recover their hard-earned assets so they can pass their legacy on to the next generation.

Living Trusts

A properly drafted, signed, and fully funded Living Trust avoids Probate by removing assets from your name and titling them in your private Living Trust.

You title all your assets, except vehicles, recreational vehicles, watercraft, aircraft, and specific business interests, to the name of your Living Trust. The administration of your Trust is private and efficient and administered by your Successor Trustee, often one of your family members or a trusted friend.


Last Will and Testament

A Last Will and Testament is a legally binding document establishing the distribution of your assets at your death. In the Will, you name your beneficiaries and their share of your estate.

If your total wealth, insurance, and retirement funds are less than the $100,000 Probate limit, and you have minor children, you should consider a Will.


Power of Attorneys

A Durable Power of Attorney gives another person you choose the full legal authority to manage your financial affairs or health care decisions if you can no longer make these decisions yourself.



Probate is the legal process, supervised by the court system, that supervises your assets if you are incapacitated in a Guardianship proceeding or distributes assets in your name to your beneficiaries, according to your Last Will and Testament.


Small Business


Corporation owners benefit from limited liability, which means that stockholders of a corporation cannot be held personally liable for business debts and claims against the Corporation.

A properly formed and maintained Corporation will prevent creditors from coming after any stockholder’s personal property or possessions. Only the Corporation is liable, and the owners only stand to lose what they have invested in the Corporation.


Limited Liability Company (LLC)

An LLC combines a corporation’s and a partnership’s features to form an entirely separate business entity. This combination of features protects an LLC from personal liability for business debts.

Illinois is one of the few states to permit “series” in LLCs. Series allow for different members, liabilities, and assets in each series and permit segregation of liabilities in separate series. Series are especially useful for investment real estate.


Personal Injury

We represent victims injured or killed in all types of occurrences, including car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle and bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip and fall accidents, construction accidents, boating accidents, aviation disasters, and accidents caused by defective products.

The attorneys affiliated with Tuohy Law Offices are nationally recognized and have obtained record verdicts on behalf of their clients. We work on contingency – you only pay fees if we collect for you.


Tom Tuohy’s Awards and Recognition

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