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Service Workers Discount Announced by Tuohy Law
April 2, 2024 tlaw
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Service Workers Discount Announced by Tuohy Law

Service workers and Tuohy Law Offices have always been closely aligned, and the law firm has shown a deep commitment to those Americans who serve others in their careers and personal lives.

As the founder of Tuohy Law Offices, the connection to those who serve others is in my family heritage, youth, and early professional career.

For nearly 40 years, Tuohy Law Offices has delivered seminars, resources, support, and discounted legal fees for first responders and provided legal services for thousands of police officers.

In 2024, the law firm will expand its support to include all who serve and offer additional discounts for small business organizations of corporations and LLCs.

First Responders

In addition to law enforcement officers, we now welcome service workers such as firefighters, EMS, and healthcare workers, whose presence and work often make the difference between life and death and ensure our daily safety.

Military and Veterans

Whether you are on active duty or a veteran of the military service, we all owe you a debt of gratitude for taking years out of the prime of your life to stand between us and those who might do us harm and protect our rights while being away from your families and far from home. 


Who among us cannot point to a teacher whose influence made all the difference in our lives? Without exception, we can vividly remember a teacher who took the time and interest in us and motivated us to excel. Without the intervention and inspiration of select teachers at critical times in my life, I would not have the career and life I have been blessed with. This is why I chose to teach and always create a space for learning in my office, in nonprofits, and in local schools and universities.

 We owe our teachers more than we can ever repay.

Nonprofit workers

Having founded a 35-year youth nonprofit, Dreams for Kids, I know firsthand the sacrifices of those who intern, work, and volunteer at nonprofit organizations. It is a rigid model to sustain, and social progress is better served as a social enterprise model that drives social good and profit. However, as structured, nonprofits must work on a lean budget, for low pay and long hours, and constantly ask for support, volunteerism, and dollars.  Every person who chooses to make a difference in a non-profit deserves a break.

Government Workers

My mother, uncles, and siblings worked in government in some capacity, as I have in various capacities.  The pay isn’t always great, and the gratitude can be hard. However, the government provides essential services that allow us to function every day.

Single Parents

Service workers don’t just show up at work. As a son of a single parent, I have experienced the sheer dedication and endless work with limited means that most single parents must endure.  If not for my mother’s sacrifices and for those who lent a hand when it was needed the most, I can’t imagine what my life would be like today.  Single parents need a hand-up, and we are honored to give them one. If you qualify as one of the many people who serve others daily, you have our gratitude.

Thank you!

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