Giving Back to Those Who Serve

Service comes in several forms. However, to serve means to sacrifice. Whether you are away from your family, putting your life at risk, keeping others safe, saving lives and property, providing essential services, working in nonprofits, educating the next generation, or raising a family on your own, you are sacrificing for the good of others. You deserve to be recognized. Giving you a substantial discount on legal fees is our way of recognizing and rewarding you for your service.

A Family Who Served

My mother was a single parent who raised four children independently. She worked multiple jobs and full-time in the public sector. She took public transportation and gave her entire adult life to her children so that they might live better lives. She was extraordinary, and I live in honor of my mother.

I am also the grandson of a police chief and the son of a police detective. Several family members and close friends served in the military; many experienced war up front and personally. A couple of my family members are among the firefighters who run towards the fire that others run away from.

Some of my most influential mentors were teachers, and a few made all the difference in me achieving dreams many thought were unattainable. I have been blessed to give back to the profession by becoming a teacher.

At the suggestion of my mother, I founded Dreams for Kids, a 33-year nonprofit dedicated to giving kids an opportunity to live the life they imagined and to provide them opportunities to give back to others.

One-Third Discount on Fees

My life is made up of people who serve, and I am better and more fortunate because of it. I consider an obligation to pay them back and offer a 1/3 discount on a custom, comprehensive estate plan to each person who serves others in the categories above.

Since I know most people put this essential planning off and that doing it right can preserve their hard-earned assets and family legacy, I am honored to give them an affordable opportunity.

If you qualify or know someone does, please contact us any time!



Fire & EMS




Single Parents