Estate Planning

Estate Planning is Essential

With a concentration in estate planning, Tuohy Law Offices has prepared over 5,000 estate plans for its clients over the past four decades.

In keeping with its commitment to the legal education of the community, our firm has presented hundreds of seminars in the area of Trusts, estates, asset protection, and legacy preservation.

Estate Planning is a Relief

No one wants the government or the court system to control their savings. However, the reality is that this happens to many people. Unfortunately, most people do not want to commit to making decisions, allowing their families to avoid the probate system’s costs and distribution delays. It is the sense of immortality when we are younger. And the fear of our mortality as we age prevents us from prioritizing this decision.

After signing their estate plan, our clients most often express this feeling: relief. To get on with the business of living without this important decision hanging over your head is truly an incredible feeling of relief.

Probate is Costly

The consequences of not acting to preserve your assets in a private Living Trust that you control are significant. That is to say, your family is introduced to the Probate Court system, which can be lengthy and costly. Meanwhile, the average time for your family to complete the Probate process can be 18 months.

Failing to plan also leaves you open to the genuine possibility of Guardianship, “Living Probate,” and extended life support in the event of a serious medical condition. Most people would choose otherwise, and we all have the right to choose.

Living Trusts are Private

Careful advanced estate planning protects you and your family in ways that will give you peace of mind for the rest of your life. Most importantly, securing your assets in a Living Trust now can make all the difference in preserving your legacy, protecting your assets, and losing all you have earned in a lifetime to a lengthy and public court process. 

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