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Series LLC Benefits

May 17, 2024      by: tlaw

A Series LLC is a form of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) that combines a corporation’s and a partnership’s features to form a separate business entity. This combination of features protects an LLC from personal liability for business debts of a corporation and the pass-through tax structure of a partnership or sole proprietorship.

The Corporate Transparency Act

May 4, 2024      by: tlaw

Beginning on January 1, 2024, the Corporate Transparency Act requires each entity that qualifies as a “reporting company” to file a report (BOI Report) with the Department of Treasury’s Financial Crimes Network (FinCEN), identifying information about each “beneficial owner”, and each “company applicant

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Recent Developments in Laws and the New Tax Law

February 19, 2018      by: tlaw

There are a number of developments in the new tax law and other laws to keep in mind as they may impact you and your family significantly.