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Cybercrime: 2024, how are you vulnerable?

May 18, 2024      by: tlaw

Cybercrimes are projected to increase by 15% annually and rise to an annual cost of $10.5 trillion in 2025.

Staying Secure from Cybercrime in 2023

December 20, 2022      by: tlaw

Cybercrime activity targeting computers, computer networks, or a networked device inflicted over $6 billion in damage in 2022.

Equifax Hack and Identity Theft

The Equifax Hack: Why You Are at Risk for the Rest of Your Life

September 28, 2017      by: tlaw

You are an identity theft risk forever. Chances are, you heard about the Equifax data breach. And the odds are even greater that you slipped into complacency about the issue. That is a big mistake. A Historical Breach of Financial Security The Equifax debacle has been called, “one of the most threatening financial data breaches … Continue reading The Equifax Hack: Why You Are at Risk for the Rest of Your Life


Cyber Security and Public Wi-Fi

May 14, 2017      by: tlaw

Public Wi-Fi may often be free, but it does not come without great risk. Over 50% of all adults have their personal information exposed to hackers every year.
One of the most common and serious threats to your personal and financial data occurs when you access free public Wi-Fi networks.