MYLO – Mind Your Loved Ones

You must have your Living Trust Power of Attorney Documents and all your estate plan documents in a secure and easily accessible location. Therefore, we recommend and offer our clients a 50% discount with MYLO so that you can immediately access your essential documents 24/7. All documents are held in a secure digital vault. Whether away at college, in a retirement community, or a nursing home, traveling for work or leisure, MYLO has your information and documents, and those of your loved ones, accessible 24/7 with just a click.  That’s the power of MYLO–the perfect “just-in-case” app.

What is MYLO®?

MYLO – Mind Your Loved Ones is an American Bar Association-sponsored mobile App that allows individuals to store their own and their loved ones’ critical medical information, healthcare directives, and other related data on their Apple or Android phones, iPads, or tablets. Users can send this information directly to healthcare providers or to their family members and trusted friends. Information can be sent via email, fax, text, or print.

A persistent problem is ensuring that our medical information and advance care directives are available when needed. However, most people sign these documents and place them in a safe deposit box or file them somewhere safe in their homes. Consequently, they believe they magically appear when they are rushed to the hospital in an emergency.

MYLO makes storage, retrieval, and sharing convenient. Data entry is fast and easy – MYLO uses drop-down menus, photos, document uploads, and verbal and text entry.

The idea behind MYLO is very simple – to ensure that vital information affecting critical healthcare decisions making is accessible when it is needed most.

Emergency Preparation

If something happens to you while traveling, the hospital you have been rushed to will not have your healthcare documents. Further, if you are injured or take ill and find yourself at a hospital where you’ve never been seen as a patient, then your Advanced Directives are unavailable.

In an emergency, doctors will not know who you authorize to receive your confidential medical information. However, they will not know who you have appointed an Agent to make medical decisions for you if you cannot speak for yourself if they don’t have access to your Advanced Directives.  Certainly, when time may be of the essence, this puts you at risk. Most importantly, medical providers may not know you have stated your wishes regarding artificial life support if death were imminent. Consequently, that means you can’t be sure your wishes are followed. 

At Tuohy Law Offices, we want to ensure that you have immediate access to your Health Care documents. Further, we also want you to have 24/7 access to your Living Trust and Financial Power of Attorney.

MYLO Features

Separate Profiles for each Loved One

Users can create separate profiles for each loved one. Reports are automatically created and can be shared electronically.

Personal & Medical Profile & Emergency Contacts

Users can respond to difficult questions often asked by emergency room staff and other health care professionals.

Advance Directives & Documents

Health Care Proxies and other documents can be stored and shared via email or fax.

Specialty Contacts

Names, numbers, email addresses, and business cards of important contacts are at your fingertips.

Important Other Stuff

Event notes, Routine Appointment Checklists, Vital Signs, and Activities of Daily Living can be maintained and measured over time.

Insurance Information

Insurance information, copies of cards (both sides), and insurance forms are conveniently saved.

Prescription Records

Users can keep a list of individual prescriptions or upload a piece of paper with their master list.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Information is stored locally on the user’s phone or tablet, not in the cloud. MYLO does not have access to the user’s information except for the user’s name and email address.

Backup, Restore, & Sharing

Users can use Dropbox to backup, restore and share profiles. Reports are automatically generated, allowing for easy review of information.

Enrolling in MYLO is quick and easy if you already have an estate plan. Subscribe to MYLO and then download the MYLO app, and take advantage of Tuohy Law Offices’ client’s 50% discount, and you can have all the features of MYLO for only $4.95 per year!

To contact MYLO® directly, email support@mylonow.com or call 212 709-8104.

Disclaimer: MYLO® is a company independent of Tuohy Law Offices, and our law firm is not responsible in any way for the performance or non-performance of duties promised by MYLO®

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